Have you made your relationship Facebook-official yet? A new study shows the impact of technology on modern love.

Letter writing is out and Facebook stalking is in when it comes to modern day relationships research shows.

Envirofone has done research which shows that 45 per cent of couples become ‘Facebook official’ in the first three months of dating.

The study also shows that 22 per cent of Brits keep their dating apps for at least a month after starting a new relationship.

So when is the right time to upload that first ‘couples selfie’? What if one of you is ready to post it on Instagram and the other isn’t?

Envirofone says that a fifth of Brits stalk their prospective partner before getting into a relationship with them.

The study polled 1,000 UK couples trying to work out the answers to all these crucial relationship questions.

Richard Mavers, director of group marketing at Envirofone said: “With so many different aspects of technology dominating everyday life, we thought it would be interesting to see if technology really was one of the ‘bad guys’ when it comes to relationships, or if it actually helps romance to blossom.

So are you guilty of stalking your potential boyfriend/girlfriend? When is the acceptable time to go Facebook official?