If you find yourself already thinking about buying a Christmas tree this year, why not buy one that would help the homeless?

That is what King Christmas Trees does, with the funds it makes being used to feed rough sleepers.

Based out of Catford, the charity holds weekly drop-in meetings called The Feast and last year provided 4,500 three course meals for rough sleepers in south east London.

The project sells more than 500 trees each Christmas, at a similar price to retail outlets, and all the profits go to helping the homeless.

Last year the charity sold out of their Scottish-supplied Nordman fir trees and said they expect to do the same again.

Helen Foord-Joseph, Kings Christmas Trees and Feast volunteer, said: “I love being involved with Kings Christmas Trees, I always feel so excited to help when I remember that selling 500 trees means over 100 people don't go home hungry each week.”

You can find out more information at kingschristmastrees.org for more details or call 020 8690 5121.