London learner drivers spent £67m in a year failing their tests – with candidates at some south-east centres doing particularly badly.

Belvedere is the location with the worst pass rate across the whole of the UK – just 28.2 per cent of wannabe motorists losing their L plates after taking their test there.

Chances of success are not much higher at Erith, which has a lowly 32.8 per cent pass rate which is the fifth lowest in the country.

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The south-east London place with the best pass rate is West Wickham, with its 49.3 per cent just above the national average of 47.2 per cent but still only making it the 183rd best out of 339 test centres.

Findings from research by short-term insurance company Dayinsure show 222,976 London residents took their practical driving test between April 2016 and March 2017, with a 42.15 per cent pass rate.

The capital’s novice drivers spent £67,337,478 to fail their driving tests in 2016/17.

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Learners in London needed on average 23 lessons before taking their test, costing approximately £522 per person.

Overall, women needed 50 per cent more lessons than their male counterparts before taking their driving tests – 27 sessions compared to men’s 18.

More women than men took a practical driving test (665,494 compared to 596,370), but they had less success on the whole.

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A higher percentage of men passed first time, with a pass rate of 50.6 per cent, compared to 44.1 per cent for women – and men outdid women at all the local test centres.

These are the figures for learners who took their tests in south-east London:

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