A fox cub was rescued after she was found with her head stuck in a rusty baked bean tin in Catford.

The eight-week-old cub had injuries on her head, muzzle and ear after she got trapped in the tin that completely covered her head.

RSPCA officers struggled to catch the fox, named Beanie, after they were called to rescue her from a garden in Muirkirk Road on Tuesday, May 9.

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Animal collection officer Kirstie Gillard said: “Even though the can completely covered her head and she really couldn’t see a thing, she still gave me the run around.

“When I was finally able to gently net her, I could see that the can had injured her ears and head. I took her to St Pauls Vets in Orpington, who removed the can.

“As the wounds had to heal and she needed caring for, I took her to the Fox Project wildlife hospital in Tunbridge Wells. They named her ‘Beanie, after the baked beans can she got stuck in.”

Beanie is making a good recovery and will soon be released back into the wild.

Trevor Williams, Manager at the Fox Project said: “It’s wonderful to see Beanie on the mend.

“Thankfully, she has retained her wildness and so has not been a model patient.

“It won’t be long before she can be returned to the wild.”