A woman raffling away her £1.25m Blackheath home at £5 a pop insisted it is “not a scam” after the raffle was taken down.

The scheme was launched Sunday, May 7, but was removed after Greenwich Council alerted the seller it was illegal under the Gambling Act of 2005.

Renu Qadri had planned to sell the home and raise £10,000 for the Wateraid and Psoriasis Association but her plans have been put on hold.

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However she has said she is “determined not to be defeated” and will put the raffle back up again within a week with some adjusted wording.

Renu said: “Apparently it’s just the wording, a small few words can chuck it out. That’s what we are aiming to now.

“We are returning to work with the council rather than against them. If you don’t get the wording right then it becomes no good.

“I have had thousands of emails about it. I am inundated with solicitors trying to help me.

“It’s not a scam, we have been in contact with the gambling commission so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.”

Everyone who purchased a raffle ticket for the home in Hardy Road is being refunded as Renu gets the wording correct.

A statement on the raffle website read: “Ticket holders, please be advised that unfortunately we have been contacted by the local council informing us we will no longer be able to continue with this draw.

“Therefore we will be cancelling the raffle with immediate effect.

“All tickets holders will be entitled to a full refund. Refunds should be made directly through PayPal by cancelling your ticket purchase order.”

Renu was hoping to sell 750,000 tickets by November, and if the raffle did not reach its target of 750,000 tickets by November, then the leftover pot would go to one ticket holder once fees have been paid.

The family was struggling to afford to keep the house, and Renu was unable to climb all the stairs in the house due to her psoriasis.

A spokesperson from Greenwich council said: “The Royal Borough of Greenwich welcomes the withdrawal of this raffle after our alerting the resident to possible contravention of the Gambling Act 2005.”