A draft of the Labour's general election has been leaked a week ahead of its official publication date.

According to the document, allegedly seen by the BBC, Labour will pledge to scrap tuition fees and renationalise railways as private franchise contracts begin to expire.

The 43-page document, also suggests Labour will pledge up to £8bn on adult social care. 

The BBC say there is a promise in the manifesto to scrap zero hour contracts and to increase income tax for the highest-earning 5per cent to raise an extra £6bn for the NHS.

Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s national campaigns co-ordinator, denied the document was the party’s manifesto.

He told Good Morning Britain: “This document that has appeared in the newspapers today isn’t a manifesto. It’s a draft of policy ideas that have been collated from various members of the shadow cabinet, their teams and other stakeholders.”

Labour is expected to finalise its manifesto at a meeting on Thursday.