A man arrested in Lewisham borough was so “strong and aggressive” he managed to bend his handcuffs and bite through an officer’s glove.

The officer reportedly suffered a hand injury while trying to arrest the man yesterday.

An officer from Lewisham MPS posted about the incident on Twitter and said they had never seen handcuffs bent like that in all their years of service.

They said: “PL officers have detained a male so strong and aggressive he did THIS to the arresting officer’s cuffs.

“He also bit through a TSG officers public order glove. Fortunately, our officers had ready access to Taser, and the suspect was detained.

“Thank you all for your kind thoughts for the officers. The TSG officer suffered a hand injury, but I'm told they're ok.

“I've never seen cuffs bent like that in all my service, but despite that the officers didn't back down.”

Other officers and members of the public responded to the incident.

MPS Haringey said: “Have seen someone rip the toilet from their cell floor & try to beat down the cell door, know there are some very strong people we deal with.”

One Twitter user said: “Was he really tall, muscly and green? Joke aside, bloody Nora! Hope everyone is ok.

Another wrote: “And to think that some people consider policing to be an easy job.”