A LEWISHAM-born woman is calling for help uncovering her roots and tracing her birth father before it is "too late".

Linda Smail, who was adopted and lives in Adelaide, Australia, has been trying to unravel the mystery of her birth for ten years following her adopted mother's death.

The 63-year-old is desperate to meet her father – whose name does not appear on her birth certificate - and help put to rest a "nagging feeling".

She finally tracked down her mother Pamela Florence Marsh, formerly of Aitken Road, Lewisham, in 2007 only to find she had passed away nine years before.

Her birth mother became pregnant at just 15 and was placed in a home for unwed mothers in 1948 - believed to be located on the corner of Bromley Road and Canadian Avenue .

Grandmother-of-two Ms Smail has been told a gentleman called Freddie Price, then living in Downham, might have known her father and could help with her quest.

The semi-retired mother-of-three said: "It is a real long-shot. He would be 80 and most people that could have helped have passed away. I just don’t seem to be able to get anywhere.

"I have always had that nagging feeling. "I just thought it is about time because if I do leave it anymore I won’t have any hope."

If Freddie Price or anyone with information could help Linda, please contact News Shopper on 01689 885732 or email strotter@london.newsquest.co.uk