A PAIR of quick-thinking Lewisham bobbies gave the kiss of life to help save an unconscious man in Lee Green last Saturday.

PC Kerry Morgan and PC Terry Portis discovered the man - who was not breathing and had blood on his face due to a fall – outside the Duke of Edinburgh pub on January 5 at 11.40pm.

They swiftly carried out CPR and breathed life back into the patient while waiting for ambulance staff to arrive.

Bystanders say the man – who is currently in a stable condition in intensive care at a south London hospital – collapsed for no apparent reason.

Lewisham Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Russell Nyman said: "This is outstanding police work and is in the highest traditions of the MPS.

"Officers can often find themselves in a situation where the life of another person can be at risk and that officer has to make an instant decision as to what to do. "

Their prompt actions helped to save the life of a man and goes back to the fundamental principles of the service to protect life and property."