Over 100 years’ worth of history from sailors passing through Greenwich hospitals has been made accessible online.

Admissions to the Dreadnought Seamen’s Hospital from 1826-1930 have been transcribed by more than 100 volunteers from around the world to create 220,000 new digital records.

The files include information on seafarers from around the world, including a large number of Indian and Asian seamen.

Conditions recorded vary from injuries sustained in combat, to disease outbreaks such as beri-beri, scurvy and cholera.

The Seamen’s Hospital Society was founded in 1821 in response to the increasing number of homeless and impoverished seafarers living on the streets of London after the Napoleonic Wars.

Initially, the hospital was based on a number of ships moored on the Thames off Greenwich, including HMS Dreadnought.

The digital records provide medical information on the patients, such as the dates they were admitted and discharged, the vessel they were last employed on, and the floor they stayed on.

The information is all available for free on Ancestry.co.uk.