Communities across Greenwich have vowed to come together to help rebuild a Gurkha-built allotment destroyed in a fire.

London Fire Brigade were called to a fire at the Middle Park Allotments in Eltham on Halloween after reports of a shed fire.

It later emerged that the shed and greenhouse, built by the Gurkha Society according to locals, was the source of the smoke.

Tony Grayson wrote on Facebook: “I drove past just before the fire brigade arrived, the heat that came from it was crazy. I had windows up the whole car went hot.”

The next morning all that was left was the char-grilled husk of the former building, but local groups are already making plans to help rebuild.

People from Eltham started to send messages saying they were banding together to find out how they could help, with some even offering materials for the rebuild.

Danny Page wrote on the Eltham SE9 Facebook page: “I have a greenhouse they could have if it’s any good to them.”

A spokesperson from Middle Park Community Centre said the group were planning to get people together to help rebuild the burnt-out allotment.

Jit Ranabhat, chair of the Greenwich Nepalese Society said the group was going to meet to discuss how they could work together with locals to help rebuild.

Jit said: “From the side of the society we can see what we can do. If we can get together with locals communities, we can offer to help as well.

“We are meeting tomorrow [November 4] and we can see what we can do to work together and share the burden of rebuilding.”