New rubbish “gobblers” are being trialled by Greenwich Council as it attempts to clean the streets in the borough.

The council plans to invest in its street cleaning service by purchasing up to four of the huge machines which will be deployed in the borough’s town centres.

One giant vacuum cleaner style machine was tested in the streets of Woolwich on October 25.

The vacuum, which is powered by electricity and is reportedly able to operate silently, can suck up rubbish ranging from cigarette ends to glass bottles.

Councillor Jackie Smith, said: “Keeping the streets clean and litter free is of utmost importance to everyone’s quality of life, which is why we have decided to bring in the latest technology we possibly can to support our work.

“We are trying out a number of systems to ensure we get the most effective kit with the highest possible green credentials.

“The aim is to deploy them in the busy and popular town centres to ensure they are spick and span for residents, businesses and visitors."