Transport for London has said it is reviewing the buses between Kidbrooke and Greenwich after complaints from locals that the buses fill up after one stop.

Campaigners launched a petition calling on TfL to bring in more buses between the two Greenwich borough locations as the current bus routes such as the 108, 132, and 422 are overcrowded.

This particularly would impact the people at Blackheath who said they had to deal with buses completely full by the time they passed through their stops.

John Barry, TfL’s head of network development, said the transport authority has heard the complaints and is monitoring the situation.

He said: “We are aware of requests from local residents for additional buses between Kidbrooke and Greenwich. We are currently reviewing bus usage in this area.

“We keep the capital’s bus network under constant review to ensure the level of service meets demand.

“Where customers would benefit from additional services, we will boost frequencies and created new routes.”