A nightclub that was devastated in a fire which resulted in the death of an employee is set to be reopened.

Studio 338 on the Greenwich Peninsula was destroyed in the blaze on August 8 last year, where 15 fire engines and 100 firefighters tried to contain the fire.

Twenty-eight-year-old Tomas Ceidukas was caught in the fire and died in hospital the day after.

However following overwhelming support from fans of the nightclub, director Dan Perrin said their “love will not burn out” and started the long process of rebuilding.

Mr Perrin has been involved with Studio 338 from the very start when they viewed the location and made the decision to build the nightclub.

He said: “We didn't have much to start with, the calendar was basically empty and most of the company's funds had gone on a complete renovation of the venue.

“Our ethos was pretty simple: This was to be the home to the best events in London, no compromises.”

However while reconstruction work was being carried out to put a glass ceiling in to better hold the acoustics, Dan got a text about smoke at the building.

He said: “With that the whole world fell apart. All our savings, all our lives, all of our time and all our hearts were in that fire.

“Not only that, but shortly after I got the news that our beloved Tomas had been caught up in the worst of it.

“Afterwards, we had to survey what was left. Probably the easiest thing to do would have been to give up.

“Then we started to read messages, tweets and comments of support. It was overwhelming.

“A fund was set up for Tomas' family and vastly exceeded its target. We were voted number 42 best venue in the world, months after we'd been shut. A fundraising event sold out in seconds.

“We clearly couldn't let the story end there.”

The relaunch will be celebrated with a weekend of parties from October 27 to 29 with its all new LED light installation and new sound system.