A pensioner has described being frightened by an "aggressive" woman knocking on her door in in Charlton demanding money.

A 70-year-old woman, who asked not to be named, said a blonde woman called at her home in Russell Close at about 12noon today (September 6) with a bag of bedsheets.

She told the unsuspecting woman that her daughter had ordered the bedding on 'boot sale' website Shpock to be delivered to her home and she needed to get a £10 payment.

The pensioner said: “At first I started looking for the money but then I thought I better ring my daughter.

“She’s very busy with work, though, and I couldn’t get through.

“So I rang my granddaughter who said ‘gran, when you order off the internet you pay for everything online - she’s having you on’.

“I went outside and told her I wouldn’t give her the money until I spoke to my daughter.

“She got quite aggressive and said angrily ‘I can’t believe your daughter didn’t tell you’- it was quite frightening.”

The blonde then walked off and when the pensioner got through to her daughter, she said she had not even heard of the website.

Shpock, a website and app on which people can buy and sell items, told News Shopper that people make their own arrangements with regard to delivery and payment so in theory it is possible someone could ask for money.

However, a spokesperson said the situation described “would never happen” and that people “make specific arrangements that both parties know about”.

When asking for the money, the blonde woman did not seem at all surprised that the mother was there and did not mention the daughter by name.

The pensioner said the area is a development specifically for elderly people and she is “really worried” others might be targeted.

She said: “I’m not gullible but she was so convincing.

“I’m in shock and still shaking.

“She was aggressive and not small - I wouldn’t stand a chance with her.”

The woman is described as having blonde hair tied up in a bun, about 10 and a half stone and 5ft 3ins, wearing silver leggings, a cardigan and blouse.

The victim has informed the police.