Acid attacks are becoming a worrying trend in the capital but now police have specialist kits to help victims.

Corrosive substances first aid kits are being carried by response vehicles.

A spokesperson from the Met Police said they are liaising with the Home Office and other partners to work out a way to deal with acid attacks.

The NHS has advised the Met the best treatment for acid attacks is to flush the victim's skin with water.

Now some response cars are equipped with five-litre bottles of water. All cars will be kitted out with water over the coming weeks.

Specialist kits that include protective eyewear and gauntlets are being made available to every borough in the city.

Officers will be taught how to deal with acid attacks as part of their first-aid training.

The Met is also working with the Home Office to see if sale restrictions can be put in place for corrosive substances.

A spokesperson from the Met said: “We would encourage anyone who has been a victim of a corrosive attack to report it to police, and we appeal to parents, relatives and professionals to assist us in identifying and challenging those who carry or seek to carry noxious substances in public without a lawful excuse.

“If someone is in fear of being attacked with acid, or knows someone who is going to use it, they need to report it to police or confidentially through Crimestoppers and it will be actioned and you will be fully supported.”

To contact Crimestoppers call 0800 555 111.