Convicted criminals at a Woolwich prison are reoffending so they can get back into prison because they have no home to go to.

A report into HMP Thameside from the Independent Monitoring Boards has called for more hostel accommodation to prisoners on release to reduce re-offending.

The report reveals many prisoners have nowhere to go once they leave prison, leaving them with the belief that they have no option but to commit another crime so they have a roof back over their head again.

The board have called on both central and local government to provide accommodation for released prisoners because it would reduce reoffending.

IMB Thameside Chair, Dr Barbara Judge, said: “We monitored a sample of 74 men due for release within a fortnight and found a stark contrast in outlook between those who had a home to return to and those who didn’t.

“Those with a home to go to were looking forward to release but 45 per cent of our sample thought they would be homeless and were not confident (or were sometimes fearful) about their future.

“Prisoners are often referred to their local authority for housing, but none is available in the majority of cases.”

About five convicted men are released from Thameside every weekday, and those without accommodation are frequently referred to their local authority, but often local councils will not have any vacancies.

“Too many prisoners indicate that they will probably re-offend in order to be returned to the security of prison.

“We are therefore calling on central and local government, charities and the London Mayor to increase the availability of good hostel accommodation as a vital factor in reducing reoffending.”