A MOB of nearly 100 Crystal Palace supporting yobs terrified commuters by letting off fireworks at a packed railway station and tearing apart a train carriage, a court heard yesterday (Feb 5).

Police had led the throng of Eagles fans to London Bridge station so they could travel to an away game at Charlton on September 14 last year.

But officers were unable to prevent the hooligans ripping out train seats and hurling light bulbs over the heads of shocked commuters, Westminster Magistrates' Court heard.

Seven Palace supporters responsible for the rush hour disorder appeared in court charged with trashing the packed Southeastern train.
Prosecutor Zahid Hussain said: "A substantial amount of alcohol had been consumed and this group, 100 or so in total, made their way to London Bridge station escorted by the police.

"The police were extremely concerned as they believed they were part of a high risk group, and they had concerns about them travelling at the height of the evening rush hour.

"While at London Bridge a number of supporters became extremely rowdy and fireworks were thrown, two down the underpass and one down the platform.

"It must be stressed none of the defendants have been implicated in the throwing of the fireworks, but it does give a picture of the chaos and distress caused at the train station.

"They boarded a train at about ten to seven and the police say that as the journey progressed there were aggressive anti-Millwall and anti-Charlton songs.

"The behaviour deteriorated from banging and chanting to actively ripping parts of the carriage.

"Seats were pulled apart, cushions thrown around the carriage, and lights were pulled off and thrown over the heads of other passengers who were not part of their group."

Those in court included Jack Cottrell, aged 19, of Olron Crescent, Bexleyheath, admitted criminal damage and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. He will be sentenced on February 27.

Andrew Cross, aged 19, of Rosedale Close, Dartford, who admitted the public order offence but denied causing criminal damage. He will return to court for trial on May 14.