GREENWICH Conservatives have defended their position after deselecting one of their only female councillors - who had been in office for a decade.

Eltham South's Cllr Eileen Glover told News Shopper last week she would launch an appeal after party members voted for Councillor Matt Clare, Mark Elliott and Nuala Geary as their 2014 election candidates.

Cllr Glover, who has been on the council since 2002, said: "I'm appealing against it and I hope it's resolved amicably."

In a statement, Greenwich Conservatives said: "Throughout this process federation officers and the ward chairman believe that they have been scrupulous in following the guidelines laid down by the Conservative Party nationally and we respect that it is Cllr Glover’s right to appeal. 

"We will await the outcome of the appeals process."

Fellow Tory councillor Neil Dickinson criticised the deselection on Facebook, saying: "She topped the poll in the past two elections and feels this has been her downfall with the local male egos."