A FRESH round of budget cuts will be discussed by Greenwich councillors next week, including proposals to axe 12 posts form the newly-opened Woolwich Centre.

The proposals, being considered at a cabinet meeting next Wednesday, will cut £1.43m from the council budget over two years, building on £56m in savings which the administration has already made.

Following cuts in government funding, Greenwich Council estimates it needs to meet a budget gap of around £63m overall.

It is also planning a two-year freeze in Council Tax.

The proposals include:

- National rise in planning fees of 15 per cent with pre-application fees rising by 10 per cent. SAVING: £180,000

- Cutting 12 posts from back office staff at the Woolwich Centre. SAVING: £300,000

- Introducing trading licences for outdoor tables, chairs and forecourt trading for an as yet unspecified fee. SAVING: £20,000

- Charges to registered housing providers, including cost of Greenwich Time adverts. SAVING: £150,000

- Transport for London's increase in the Blue Badge administration charge from £2 to £10. SAVING: £21,000

- Using more town hall space for the registration of weddings. SAVING: £10,000

- Cut in trade union facilities, including 2.5 posts. SAVING: £78,000

- Contract with agency provider Manpower to be sole supplier in administration, industrial and professional roles. SAVING: £250,000

- One job to go at scrutiny support office. SAVING: £55,000