IT MAY have started out as a bit of a yolk, but things have now got serious for the Thamesmead man auctioning his perfectly round egg.

Forklift truck driver Mark Cameron came across the "one in a billion" find in a carton of free range eggs bought at a Morrisons store near his Whinchat Road home early on December 2.

After he put it up on eBay starting at 99p, bidders egged each other on and pushed up the price to more than £430 before the auction site removed it just four hours before the end of bidding on Sunday evening (December 16).

Mr Cameron was told it could not be transported to a winning bidder from abroad because of laws on shipping food produce so he is planning to relist it at 6pm today (December 17) open only to bidders from the British Isles.

The 45-year-old is keen for a portion of the winning bid this time around to go to a charity of the victor's choosing when the auction finishes at 6pm on Saturday (December 22).

He said: "I didn’t know it would take off like this.

"With the second listing anything could happen to be quite honest."

To get your hands on Mr Cameron's miracle egg search for 'Round Chicken Egg 100% Real' on eBay.