A THAMESMEAD shopper was left shellshocked after discovering a pre-Christmas miracle in his shopping - a perfectly round egg.

Forklift truck driver Mark Cameron, 45, is now hoping the discovery could be eggs-actly what his bank account needs and has put it up for auction on eBay, describing it as a "one in a billion find".

Mr Cameron bought the free range eggs from the Morrisons store near his Whinchat Road home early on December 2 and was astonished when he eventually opened the carton.

He said: "I got it home on Sunday morning and there it was sitting in the box - a perfectly round egg."

Rather than keeping his prize under lock and key so nobody can poach it from him, Mr Cameron has been showing it off to amazed onlookers.

He said: "I took it to work and a showed it to a lot of people.

"It's certainly been a talking point. No one's ever seen anything like it. "I've looked it up online and I can only find two other people who've had one."

Bidding on his eBay listing, set up with Hartley friend Sam Roberton, 25, will start at just 99p today - which sounds like a cracking deal - but Mr Cameron is convinced it could be worth a lot more by the time the auction ends.

He said: "I haven't got a clue how it was formed. I wouldn't want to be the chicken who laid it, put it that way.

"And I don't fancy putting it on my toast either."

To get your hands on Mr Cameron's miracle egg search for 'Round Chicken Egg 100% Real' on eBay.