CHARLTON will not complain to police following race abuse allegations by Emmanuel Frimpong and Danny Haynes against Millwall fans, the club has announced.

Both players took to Twitter following the weekend fixture between the two clubs, which ended in a goalless draw, complaining of abuse by Lions fans.

But Charlton said in a statement today: "Following reports of the racial abuse of Charlton players during Saturday’s match against Millwall, and subsequent consultation between the club officials, the police and players concerned, it has been decided that no formal complaint will be made to the police.

"Charlton are satisfied that Millwall are taking the issue of racism by supporters very seriously.

"Here at Charlton we would like to reiterate the club’s condemnation of racism. Last month, the club celebrated its 20th annual Red, White and Black Day – football’s longest anti-discrimination campaign and the driving force behind the inaugural national campaign."