A GREENWICH medical technician has been awarded for his bravery and quick thinking after the ambulance he was working on nearly exploded.

Danny Berry, an emergency medical technician with the London Ambulance Service, was with two colleagues when they pulled into an Eltham petrol station last February.

But as they began filling up with petrol, the trio noticed a burning smell and smoke coming from the bonnet. Within seconds the front of the vehicle was on fire. Mr Berry raced to remove the portable oxygen cylinders from the back of the ambulance before they caused an explosion.

He explained: "When the ambulance caught fire I quickly realised what a potentially very dangerous situation this could be. I knew I had to get the oxygen cylinders out of the ambulance and also attempted to put the fire out while the fire brigade were on the way."

Last week he was given a Chief Ambulance Officer Commendation as an award for his bravery.