A SMIRKING 16-year-old boy attempted to murder a school friend in Charlton by hitting him with a car and then driving back over him, Blackfriars Crown Court heard today (Nov 27).

The teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had his girlfriend with him when he drove the silver Hyundai into a group of friends at the junction of Wyndcliff Road and Highcombe on June 27, jurors heard.

Prosecutor Christopher May said one 15-year-old boy jumped onto the car bonnet to avoid "being crushed against a wall" while another boy was "struck a glancing blow" by the vehicle.

The driver then reversed and the 15-year-old rolled off the bonnet before being run over and getting "caught up under the car and dragged along the road", Mr May told the court.

He said: "He deliberately ran him over and dragged him under the car, stopped, reversed back and then drove over him again."

The barrister said: "What he was trying to do at that time was to kill that young man."

When interviewed by police, the victim said his attacker had "a smirk on his face" and told officers: "It was like there was no heart in him."

Jurors heard the incident only ended after friends of the victim smashed the car window and fought with the driver, who managed to flee.

His victim was left trapped under the car until emergency services arrived. He was taken to hospital and treated for a fractured arm, leg and pelvis along with bleeding eyes and a damaged ear.

Mr May said a similar incident involving the driver and members of the same group had happened the day before in nearby Line Kiln Drive, but nobody was hurt.

The teenager denies attempted murder, causing GBH with intent and assault occasioning ABH.

He also denies two counts of dangerous driving.

The trial continues.