DAY three of the trial into the alleged murder of a Northfleet father-of-five is underway with fresh evidence being heard in court.

Two teenagers stand accused, at Maidstone Crown Court, of murdering 29-year-old James Green on June 21 this year.

The prosecution says it was because he had been condemned as a "grass" after being arrested with someone else from the Hyde estate, but was released alone.

Mr Green, aged 29, of Holly Court, Northfleet, was stabbed to death on his own doorstep on June 21.

Tommy Presley, aged 18, of Bankside, Northfleet, and a 17-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons, both deny murder.

Today Andrew Espley, prosecuting, played the jury CCTV footage taken six days before his death.

He said it demonstrates "a build-up of hostility that culminated in the events of June 21.”

Mr Green was shown retreating to the back of Northfleet Food and Wine, in Stonebridge Road, while youths gathered outside at around 5pm.

Mr Espley said one of the crowd was "blocking" the doorway.

The Jury was then played the recording of a call Mr Green made to police while he was in the shop.

He could be heard telling police: "Come quickly. People are trying to get me out.

"They are trying to drag me outside.

"People think I'm a grass but I'm not a grasser. I'm stuck in the shop. I'm not leaving."

He could be heard yelling to people nearby: "I haven't done nothing wrong".

A witness, Jean May, also gave evidence saying Mr Green looked "agitated" and "a bit scared" when she went into the shop.

She said she heard one of the group say to Mr Green: "Get yourself outside the f****ing shop and we'll sort this out one to one."

Presley admits causing the wounds which killed Mr Green but claims he acted in self-defence.

The 17-year-old says he was nearby but not involved in the death.

The trial continues.