LOCAL historian Gordon Dennington visits some of the places in Beckenham and Penge where significant incidents took place during the war.

As Mr Dennington points out, a decade ago, relics and scars of World War Two would have been much more visible in the local area, but modern development has erased all but a few of them.

Included in the video is Beckenham Green where a V1 flying bomb, or 'Doodlebug', landed on July 3 1944, killing three people and injuring 30 others. In a second attack later the same month another three more people were killed. St George's Church, Beckenham Public Hall and The Railway Tavern were all severly damaged in the two incidents, along with dozens of houses and shops.

Other featured locations are Penge Police Station in Penge high Street, where the framework of a former air raid siren is still slearly visible; and Beckenham Crematorium, where Mr Dennington points out some significant wartime graves and memorials.