Did you know a Tube map exists to help those with claustrophobia and anxiety?

Transport for London has created a map of all the lines to avoid if you have anxiety when it comes to small spaces.

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Tube lines have been given a grey overlay to illustrate which stations or sections of track are underground.

There are 270 stations on the Tube network, but more than half are actually above ground.

Mark Evers, director of customer strategy for TfL, said: "Making the Tube network accessible for everyone is one of our top priorities.

“This new map is just one of the tools we have created in response to feedback from our customers on how we can make the transport network more accessible, making travelling easier and more comfortable for all our customers."

Nicky Lidbetter, chief executive of Anxiety UK, said: "For those with anxiety conditions such as panic attacks and claustrophobia, we know that travel by the Underground can be problematic and challenging.

“I sincerely hope that the map will encourage those with claustrophobia and/or panic attacks who have previously avoided this form of public transport out of fear to reconsider their use of the Tube."

For more information on how TfL is helping different groups of people, visit https://tfl.gov.uk/