A recently opened luxury bakery in Bluewater has apologised for failing to pay its staff on time.

Creams opened on August 4 and describes itself as a "lavish afternoon tea shop aimed at aspirational millennials".

A social media post has gone viral accusing the Bluewater store of failing to pay the young employees that work there for six weeks.

The post, shared more than 800 times, said: "Their wages were promised to be paid in on Friday morning but were not. We visited the store along with other staff and parents as most of the staff are between 17 and 20.

"They were then all promised there pay would be in there accounts by Friday evening at no later than 5pm. Never happened.

"I spoke to the franchise and was sent an email with every member of staff personal details that bank account number sort code the works."

Creams employees 19 people.

Councillor Jonathon Hawkes, whose ward covers Bluewater, said he hoped the situation is resolved quickly.

He said: ""I would urge the management to take immediate steps to ensure staff are paid for the work they have done as soon as possible.

"Many of the workers are young people and are reliant on being paid in full and on time.

"I understand that new businesses sometimes have teething problems, but ensuring staff receive their wages on time has to be first priority."

In a statement issued by the brands head office, Creams apologises for the delay in paying its employees.

A spokesman said: "Proof that the salaries were paid to the employees on 1st September, as agreed in the contracts, has been provided by the franchisees.

"However it would appear that there was a delay in some of the staff receiving payment on that day. Creams head office staff are urgently looking to rectify the situation and believe everyone has now been paid.

"If this is not the case they have asked any employee who has still not received their salary to email them at creams@creamstp.com using the subject line BLUEWATER EMPLOYEE so the matter can be resolved quickly.

"Creams apologise unreservedly for the delay and will be putting measures in place to ensure that this does not happen again."