An 'organised criminal' has been jailed for more than 12 years possessing a sawn off shotgun and intending to supply drugs valued at more than £130,000.

Peter Wenn, of Northfleet Green, pleaded guilty to charges of possession with intent to supply cocaine and MDMA.

He also pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing a prohibited firearm and two charges of possessing ammunition without a firearm certificate. He was also charged and pleaded guilty to possessing criminal property and possession of cannabis.

The charges were brought after officers spotted Wenn driving a van away from an address due to be searched Thursday 8 June.

Officers stopped the van and searched inside the vehicle where they found cocaine and cannabis. They also found weighing scales, a grinder, several small bags and a spoon with powder on.

Between Thursday 8 and Saturday June 10 police searched inside the grounds of a property where Wenn had been living in a caravan.

Inside the caravan police found a sawn off shotgun as well as .45 ACP calibre cartridges and 22 Flobert cartridges.

Officers found more cocaine, MDMA and ecstasy tablets. Inside a plastic bag they also discovered £4,345 in cash.

In total officers found Wenn to be in possession of 529g of cocaine with purities ranging between 79 per cent and 97 per cent. They also found 889g of ingredients used to lessen the potency of the drug before it would be sold on.

A total of 1890g of MDMA was recovered with the purity level up to 93 per cent . Officers also found 25 MDMA tablets mixed with other ingredients in Wenn’s caravan.

The street value of the cocaine and MDMA was valued at around £134,000.


Investigating officer, Detective Sargent, Jason Booth of the Kent and Essex serious crime directorate said: "This is a great result where we have been able to take an organised criminal off the streets, potentially helping to save a lot of lives. We work hard to target organised crime groups and individuals and Wenn was no exception.

"He thought he was above the law and could get away with his crimes but today reinforces that ultimately crime does not pay and that those responsible will be caught and brought to justice".

Wenn, 50, was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday September 1 to 12 years and eight months in prison.