FLYTIPPING, the scourge of our beautiful countryside, seems to be on the increase again.

The number of tyres and TVs left in gateways near me suggest the problem is worse than it’s ever been.

So, what’s changed to make this small, but thoroughly unpleasant, collection of scumbags revert to type and start dumping stuff anywhere they see fit?

Perhaps it wasn’t listed as a priority by the recently-appointed police and crime commissioner (how long will it be before the idiotic idea of PCCs is dropped?).

Or maybe regulations at tips have become so petty most right-minded folk are completely restricted from using them?

It’s more likely the charges for dumping stuff have been hiked up so much the detritus of society feels it’s worth the risk of being caught.

The solution then is clear — make it easier and more cost-effective for people to dispose of waste correctly.

And, at the same time, increase the penalties for those found flytipping to a point where they act as a deterrent.

We don’t go in for removing people’s hands in this country, so I am forced to recommend a suitable period of time carrying out hard labour, with suitable supervision.

Currently, the relatively slim chance of being caught, combined with the threat of being fined is not acting as a deterrent at all.

Please do let me know if you too have witnessed an increase in this appalling anti-social behaviour which affects each and every one of us.

I would also be interested to know if you have any ideas what punishment might actually deter these scumbags from acting like this?