LAST week, while walking through the unadulterated carnage that is Victoria station during Valentine’s Day rush hour, I had the temerity to slow my walking pace as one of the Underground trains trundled into view.

Unfortunately for me, a young lady walking behind me had not done the same thing. As she rammed into my back, nearly knocking me onto the tracks and into an early grave, she spat some foul-mouthed abuse to me and carried on down the platform.

Sharing this shocking encounter with a friend of mine, she described how, at the very same station that day she had accidentally bumped into a stressed commuter and then been “revenge barged” seconds later.

It seems to me this great city’s transport hubs are in danger of turning into a hotbed of violence not dissimilar to something from a Quentin Tarantino movie, where you can’t walk the wrong way down some stairs without also walking away with a broken nose.

Imagine my joy then, when I turned on the TV to see comedian Ben Miller talking about an idea I have long advocated — a lane system for pedestrians.

The British public’s manners are in an irreversible downward spiral, but the companies which run our transport system are not interested in your comfort or safety, especially if it involves spending money.

My system would be to have two lanes — one on the right for rickety pensioners, buggy-wielding mums and tourists who appear to have stumbled into the station by accident, with no clue where they are going.

The left side, like on escalators, would be used by people in a rush.

Not only would this make me feel safer, it could even save a life.

If Boris Johnson can spend £60m on a cable car, he could certainly afford to invest a few quid in this.

What do you think about the two-lane system for pedestrians? What do you think about people's manners at train and Tube stations? Why does public transport often bring out the worst in people? Add your comments below - along with other suggestions for making commuting more bearable.