DOMESTIC abuse sufferers in Kent will be given more support with the launch of a new website.

The Kent County Council (KCC) website will provide advice to victims, family, friends, young people and as well as potential perpetrators.

The council, along with Kent Police and the NHS, consulted victims and professionals from all over Kent to create the website through the Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse Strategy Group.

The website lists places across Kent where those in need can speak to people about abuse.

It says how abusive behaviour can be recognised and how people can prepare an “escape plan” from abusers.

It also advises people on how to delete their internet history to cover their tracks.

KCC cabinet member for customer and communities, Mike Hill, said: “Accessing help and support for domestic violence will now be a much simpler process for domestic abuse victims, who are suffering a traumatising experience.”

Domestic violence accounts for 16 per cent of violent incidents in the UK The website is available at: