DRAMATIC CCTV footage has been released by detectives after Adam Whelehan was jailed for a minimum of 26 years for murdering Natalie Jarvis in Swanley Village.

The footage shows Whelehan alongside his friend Tom Fuller on October 3, the night he stabbed Miss Jarvis to death.

In the first short clip taken at around 10.10pm, Whelehan is seen leaving the toilets inside The Portrait pub in Sidcup.

When asked during the trial what the pair talked about in the toilets, Whelehan said: “I discussed the way I had been all day and all the abuse and how all of a sudden she [Miss Jarvis] wants me to pick her up. I said that I thought it felt quite dodgy.”

The second footage was taken from a traffic camera at 10.30pm in Maidstone Road and shows Whelehan’s red Renault Clio heading from Sidcup towards Swanley.

Whelehan then picked up Miss Jarvis from her home in Walnut Way around two minutes later.

In the third grainy piece of footage, Whelehan is shown arriving at the secluded car park in Button Street where he stopped the car.

If you look carefully, you can see both Whelehan and Miss Jarvis get out of the car at around 10.50pm.

The next clip was taken after Whelehan had stabbed Miss Jarvis to death and shows Tom Fuller and another friend Matt Woods walking into Tesco Express in Eltham High Street.

And in the final clip, Whelehan is shown handing himself into Bexleyheath police station where he told the on duty officer he “thought he had killed someone in the Swanley area.”

Whelehan did not know whether Miss Jarvis was dead or alive after handing himself into police station but said "he had slashed her neck and left her.”

Meanwhile, police have also released a virtual reconstruction of the crime scene (below), showing the first time this new technology known as scene scanning was used by Kent Police in a murder trial.

The technology creates a virtual walk-through of the scene and was shown in court to recreate Miss Jarvis’ trail of blood.