CITY bankers were chauffeured to a West End brothel where they paid up to £1,000 an hour for cocaine and champagne-fuelled threesomes, a court heard.

Simon Earl, 57, of Kemnal Road in Chislehurst and Sorient Sigba, 53, of Barnehurst Avenue in Bexleyheath are alleged to have been managing the brothel.

Earl pleaded guilty to conspiracy to control prostitution and conspiracy to transfer criminal property while Sigba denied the same two conspiracies at Southwark Crown Court yesterday (April 12).

A third man, Michael Wallen, 49, from Hackney also denied the charges.

The court heard how clients were recruited as they left strip clubs and driven to Freddies - a high-class bordello in a mews house - where they were offered a choice of up to seven sex workers.

Many of the women on offer were said to be cosmetically enhanced.

Cash-paying customers were charged £300 an hour, or £390 if they preferred to use a credit card, on arrival at the three-bedroomed property in Johns Mews, west London.

They were encouraged to hire two girls at once, ramping up their bill to £780, plus £60 for a gram of cocaine and £120 for a bottle of champagne.

The women themselves earned at least £90 an hour or a 30 per cent cut of the takings.

The business was said to have opened at the leasehold property in 2006 and in the nine months before the ring was smashed by police, its turnover was a staggering £946,776.

In an investigation by the Met's human exploitation and organised crime command, undercover officers made three visits to the brothel before swooping in October last year.

All three defendants were released on bail and will re-appear at the same court on January 14 next year.