A SIDCUP man has been banned from parts of Eltham for three years after admitting a string of offences.

Adam Ludlam, aged 30, of Staines Walk, Sidcup, has admitted 11 different offences including assaulting a police officers, criminal damage, shoplifting and a public order offence which involved shouting racist abuse.

Along with a 40-week suspended sentence, Ludlow was also handed an Asbo at Bromley Magistrates' Court.

Applying to Greenwich borough, it bans him  from drinking alcohol outside of licensed premises, being drunk and out of control in a public place and attending premises he has been banned from.

He is also forbidden from entering Eltham High Street from Southend Crescent to Eltham Church and Well Hall Road from Eltham Church to Well Hall roundabout, unless he is on public transport or waiting at a bus stop.

If he disobeys, Ludlam could be jailed for up to five years.

Police Sergeant Marianne Catmull, in charge of policing Eltham High Street, said: "We hope that this Asbo will ensure that Ludlam starts to behave. I also hope that members of the public who frequent Eltham will no longer suffer his intolerable behaviour".

If you see Ludlam in Eltham behaving in an anti-social manner, contact the Eltham North policing team on 020 8721 2637 or 101.