A HAUL of weapons, including a loaded shotgun and four handguns, has been discovered in a sports ground in the Downham area.

The find was made by officers on Thursday (February 14) after a member of the public called police at around 3pm.

Police have not revealed the precise location but it is believed to be Whitefoot Lane Sports Fields, Whitefoot Lane.

As well as the shotgun and handguns, officers also found three muskets, an air rifle and a knife/gun weapon in bushes.

The Met's firearms unit was called in to assist.

Superintendent Michael Gallagher, head of operations and crime command at Lewisham police, said: "The discovery of these weapons is significant and is a notable success in the borough's battle against violent crime.

"These weapons have been taken off our streets and cannot be used to cause or threaten harm to anyone.

"We are determined to tackle gun crime, knife crime and most serious violence in the borough and are going after people who hold and supply guns for criminals.

“This should send a clear message that we are determined to deal robustly with anyone associated with violent crime and we applaud all members of the public for assisting us with this."