If you do anything that’s “not cricket” at Tally Ho CC you’ll be fined at least a tenner. And if you do well for them – for example, score 50 or take five wickets – it could be even more costly! The club plays its home games at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich and every penny raised goes to the Freddie Farmer Foundation.

The Freddie Farmer Foundation was set up earlier this year to raise funds for a specialist physiotherapy centre to be built in SE London, incorporating a “Spider” to support children as they go through intensive treatment. Its inspiration is six-year-old Freddie Farmer from Eltham who was born at 28 weeks, weighing just 2lb 12oz, with cerebral palsy.

Captain Joe Catchesides, Freddie’s uncle, said: “We all used to be involved at the RACS club in New Eltham before the ground was closed. We had a wonderful time there and wanted to carry on in one way or another. All the best young players play league cricket on a Saturday but still like to play for us on Sundays or midweek. We started off raising the money for Freddie and now it goes to the foundation that was set up earlier this year.”

Freddie’s granddad, Danny Catchesides and publisher Mike Ash umpired and supervised the “fines”. At the latest game – an entertaining draw at the village green at West Peckham in Kent on Sunday, July 10 – Mike fined two players for turning up in flip-flops and another for a stunning catch!

The village is also a very popular watering hole for walkers and the Bromley Ramblers promptly donated £45 to the cause, taking the total on the day to £400.

Captain Joe said: “We play about four or five games a season. We have a great craic and it’s all for a great cause, for Freddie and children like him with mobility problems.”

West Peckham’s South African captain Angus Buchanan, who made a 50, was presented with a Tally Ho tie as a Freddie Farmer supporter. He said: “Tally Ho has become one of our favourite visitors. They play well and always in the right spirit.”

Find out more about the charity, including how to support it, at www.freddiefarmerfoundation.org.uk