Young adults in Bromley and surrounding area look set to get greater access to golf through a new initiative that has been launched at High Elms Golf Course in Bromley by former Charlton and Chelsea defender Paul Elliot CBE.

The initiative will eventually allow golfers access to free golf club hire at every Mytime Golf course across the UK.

Paul said: "This initiative is such a smart way to give greater access to the sport for those who may not be able to buy the equipment needed to play. It is so important that young people are given as much help and support to stay fit and healthy in as many ways as possible. Not only will ‘Clubs 4 All’ help with fitness, it will also help develop social skills too, it’s a real win-win situation."

The ‘Clubs 4 All’ golf club amnesty, which runs until January 31, 2013, will hopefully encourage golfers across the area to donate their unwanted golf clubs or sets, especially if they are having replacements for Christmas.

The clubs will then be reconditioned to form golf sets which will be used to allow young adults to play at High Elms Golf Course without having to buy or rent golf clubs.

The aim of the ‘Clubs 4 All’ amnesty is about inspiring more young people to take up the sport without having to invest lots of money in equipment. Recent research has revealed that the cost of golf is one of the reasons that other sports are more popular. However if young people are given free access to the equipment with affordable prices to play, it is hoped it will make the sport more accessible.

Brad Chard, Mytime golf divisional manager, said: "We believe this is a truly exciting opportunity for young people in this area and for the sport in general. There are so many young adults who are inspired by golfing stars like Rory McElroy and Justin Rose, but because of the cost involved simply cannot afford to play. The ‘Clubs 4 All’ amnesty is about helping the next generation."

Brad added: "There has never been a better time to get young adults interested in golf, especially with fears that sedentary pass times like TV and video games are creating obesity problems.

"Golf is a great way for new golfers to stay fit and healthy; it’s also an ideal place to learn about friendly competition, rules, etiquette and how to develop life skills and core values that transcend the game.

"Our golf amnesty is a great way of giving young adults the opportunity to play; it doesn’t have to be expensive and can be good fun."

There are four local golf clubs where golf clubs can be donated to the ‘Clubs 4 All’ around Bromley.

• Bromley Golf Course, Bromley • High Elms Golf Course, Bromley • Orpington Golf Course, Bromley • Barnehurst Golf Course, Bexley Based on information supplied by .