How do I apply for a Blue Badge? Am I eligible for Dial-a-Ride? How can I feel safe when travelling alone? Where can I hire a wheelchair to take an a disabled friend out for the day?

These are some of the transport questions raised by disabled people and their carers which are addressed in the updated Guide to Accessible Transport in Bromley, launched by Councillor Evans last week at a meeting in the Civic Centre. The meeting began with a presentation by Faryal Velmi, Director of Transport for All, which provides advice and information to disabled and older people using the transport system in London. This was followed by an update on the work of the Bromley Mobility Forum, from its Chair, Leslie Marks. The Forum, now in its second year, aims to improve the quality of life and support the independence of all people within the London Borough of Bromley experiencing difficulty with mobility and/or accessing transport. It achieves this through identifying local issues, developing relationships with architects and developers on large redevelopment projects in the Borough such as Bromley South Station and keeping people informed through a regular newsletter.

For your copy of the Guide to Accessible Transport in Bromley, go to or email for a paper copy.

To receive the newsletter from Bromley Mobility Forum, email Transport for All’s publication, Get Moving, contains maps, information, contact numbers and helpful tips about how to make the most out of London’s Transport Network. Either go to their website and download a copy or ring them on 020 7737 2339 and they will send you a printed version Based on information supplied by .