If you’re a Vodafone customer angry about the service you’ve been getting, you’re not alone.

The telecoms giant has become the most complained-about pay-monthly mobile provider.

Regulator Ofcom said complaints made about Vodafone surged to 32 per 100,000 customers in the final three months of 2015, up from 20 in the previous quarter.

This made it the only provider to have more complaints than the industry average of 10 per 100,000 customers.

Ofcom said complaints received about Vodafone related to billing, pricing and charges, as well as complaints handling and fault, service or provision issues.

Vodafone has blamed the rise in grievances on moving customers over to a new billing system at the end of last year.

The company has apologised, admitting it suffered "some problems" with the "highly complex" switchover.

But it said: "We are working hard to improve our customers' experience and more recent data is showing an improvement."

It has beefed up its customer call centre teams to help deal with complaints and resolve billing issues.


The latest Ofcom figures also reveal TalkTalk received the most landline complaints, at 30 per 100,000 customers, while EE, Plusnet, Post Office and BT also continued to generate landline complaints above the industry average.

EE again attracted the most complaints for fixed-line broadband, while grievances about Plusnet, TalkTalk and BT remained higher than the industry average.

BT held on to its spot as the most complained-about pay-TV provider, although the numbers fell from the previous quarter.