Tesco have announced they are scrapping 24 hour shopping in some Lewisham, Woolwich and Orpington branches.

The shopping giant made the announcement earlier today (January 29) that opening hours will be reduced in 76 stores – including three local outlets.

The Lewisham superstore, in Lewisham Road, and the Woolwich Extra Store, in Grand Depot Road, are among those earmarked to close between midnight and 6am.

In Bromley, the Orpington Extra, in Augustus Lane, also faces slashed hours. 


The move is in response to reduced footfall between these hours, and a greater shift to shopping online.

The changed opening hours are expect to kick in between March 14 and April 11.

Tony Hoggett, Retail Director for Tesco said: “It makes much more sense for colleagues at those stores to focus on replenishing the shelves instead and making sure they’re fully stocked when they open their doors at 6am.”

Tesco first opened some stores 24 hours a day in 1996.