The drug dealing brother of EastEnders star Richard Blackwood has been ordered to pay back more than £60,000 in money which he is said to have made from criminal activity.

Marcus Blackwood, 37, from Beckenham, was caught with £30,000 worth of cocaine and then jailed for four years in May 2016.

His brother Richard plays bad boy Vincent Hubbard in EastEnders.

Plain clothes police officers stopped Marcus Blackwood in a silver Mercedes on Thursday February 11, 2016, at around 9.15pm in Long Lane, City of London, the Old Bailey heard.

He was asked to step out of his vehicle but he knocked an officer to the ground and ran off before he could be searched.

CCTV showed him throwing a bag into an underground car park on West Smithfield.

Police caught Blackwood and found the package, which contained ten wraps of cocaine.

Five more wraps of the drug were found in Blackwood’s underpants.

Police raided his home in Beckenham, and found 12 wraps of cocaine, cutting agents, Ethylone and drug paraphernalia.

The drugs and cutting agents were estimated to be worth more than £30,000.

Blackwood admitted possession with intent to supply Class A drugs last year.

A confiscation hearing was held at the Old Bailey yesterday (October, 1).

Prosecutors hoped to get back some of the money that Blackwood had made.

Rhiannon Sadler, prosecuting, said: “This matter was listed for a contested hearing.

“I am pleased to say that late yesterday, there was agreements reached between parties in relation to figures.”

Both sides agreed the benefit figure of his criminal activity was £62,490.

The court heard Blackwood had £105,307 in available funds.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC made a confiscation order for £62,490, and gave Blackwood three months to pay or face an extra year inside.

He said: “The benefit in this case is a figure of £62,490.

“The time to pay will be a period of three months.”