Anybody who has seen starving children on the TV knows that the world can be a cruel place.

Many of us look away because we think there is nothing we can do.

But a little boy from Petts Wood has refused to ignore the suffering of children around the world.

Seven-year-old Ryan Cloud saw a Water Aid advert that showed the plight of a little boy called Salvador who couldn’t get any clean water.

He was so upset he asked his mum, Janine Flynn, 29, of Bunstonian Court, to go abroad and sort the problem out.

When she explained she couldn’t Ryan didn’t give up but decided to do something to help.

Ryan is now running a campaign to aid orphans in Kenya and make sure they have a good Christmas.

With the help of his mum, big-hearted Ryan is asking people to donate anything that could put a smile on a child’s face.

All donations will be sent out to the orphanage in Kenya and Ryan will be visiting next year.

Ryan said: “I just wanted to help them so they are not poor anymore and to make them have a big smile.”

“They will feel so glad when they have a present.”

“If I go out there I will be quite excited to see if they really have a massive smile on their face.”

Ms Flynn said: “I’m extremely proud to have such compassionate boy. He’s done all this off his own back and no one has encouraged him.

“He doesn’t like seeing how they have no water or homes. He doesn’t understand why other countries aren’t like ours and why they don’t have the facilities that we do.

“When he watches the advert on TV he makes everyone in the room go quiet.

“He’s a very strong minded strong-willed little boy. If he’s passionate about something there is nothing in this world that will change what he wants to do.

“I think when he’s older he could end up as a humanitarian or charity worker.

“I think a lot more people could be kind and considerate towards one and other and so I’m very proud of my little boy.”

Anybody who wants to donate should email: