Bromley Football Club is celebrating its 125th anniversary this season and we spoke to one of the club's most hardcore fans has followed the Lilywhites for 51 years.

Dave Roberts, author of The Bromley Boys, spoke to News Shopper about his experiences as a Bromley fan over half a century.

He said: “My first game was against Wycombe Wanderers in 1966, so I have been watching them on and off for 50 odd years.

“My parents wouldn’t allow me to watch the big teams on my own because I was 11, so they allowed me to watch Bromley who were just down the road.

“I watched them the next season, when I started going to every single match, and they had the worst season in their history."

Dave watched the Lilywhites during the 1969 to 70 season before travelling the world and publishing books about his beloved club, moving back to England in 2015.

And he said Bromley’s play-off victory against Horsham in 2005 was ‘one of the greatest moments of my life’.

He said: “I think when you are Bromley fan, it is the small things that would seem small and insignificant to fans of bigger teams that really count.

“So when you are going through a dismal season, like the 1969 to 70 one, a draw was a huge achievement by the end of it and a goal was outstanding.

“You would go home happy as a Bromley supporter even if you had lost 6-1, which they did [against Wealdstone].”

Recalling some lowlights in the last five decades, he said: “I watched Barking play Bromley in the 1969 to 70 season and the opposition fans got the score wrong because they scored so many goals.

“They were chanting ‘seven-nil, seven-nil, seven-nil’ when it was actually eight.

“And going to Sutton full of hope, I was really convinced that we would pull off a shock, and we lost 9-0,” he added.

Discussing highlights, he said: “The best I have ever seen was two seasons ago at Torquay when we won 7-2.”

It was ‘bizarre’ to him for Bromley to go away from home and score seven.

His book, The Bromley Boys, is in production and you can follow them @BromleyBoysFilm.

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