Many homes are still without water following a burst pipe in Bromley Common.

Houses where the supply has returned may also experience low pressure and discoloured water, Thames Water said today.

Schools were closed and roads were gridlocked after the 18 inch pipe burst and the leak has affected homes in Biggin Hill, Sevenoaks and Croydon.

Thames Water distributed emergency bottled water after homes were left without a water supply over a hot weekend.

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Photos and videos from the scene showed the road taped of and completely submerged in water.

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Photo: Martin Miles

Angry residents took to social media to vent their frustration over the lack of water supply.

One Twitter user said: “Can't believe how badly and how wide spread the damage is from the burst water main in Bromley. People in Biggin Hill can't get water.”

Another resident wrote on Facebook: “Burst water main in Bromley and we are now without any water from taps or showers... geeeeeezz[sic].

“How long till fixed... water company said they can’t tell us. And they are handing out bottled water to all residents... loos wont flush either.”

Bromley Common is closed for repairs following the major burst on Friday morning and is not expected to reopen for several days.

Several schools were forced to send pupils home on Friday after their water supply was cut off.

Biggin Hill Primary School in Old Tye Avenue reopened this morning and Coopers Secondary School in Hawkwood Lane reopened on Monday morning

The burst happened at the junction with Southlands Road and bus routes 61, 208, 261, 320 and 358 are being diverted.

Thames Water said there may be brown or cloudy discolouration to the water as the supply returns to homes which is caused by trapped air or iron pipe deposits.

Residents are advised not to use their water supply for a couple of hours and then thoroughly flush their taps.

Free bottled water is still available at The Old Ship in Westmore Green and the Youth Centre in Church Road, Biggin Hill.

A water main burst in Bromley Common last August and the road was closed for a week.