Three years of careful calculations were all so this seven-year-old Beckenham girl could give another little girl something she didn’t have.

Wren Sharrock had been growing and measuring the length of her hair since she was four years old for one purpose.

She intended to have it cut off so she could donate it to another girl who lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses.

Finally her hair reached the perfect length of 12 inches and she was able to start her donation drive and have it all cut off.

Her hair was donated to The Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for girls with no hair, and on top of that she managed to raise over £1,000.

Jane Beedle, from The Great British Bake Off, heard what Wren was doing and dropped off some cakes for her as well.

Helene Sharrock, Jane’s mum, said: “Wren is very proud to have been able to donate her hair, and to do some brilliant fundraising too.

“Wren is so thrilled with the incredible amount she has raised. Her original £200 goal has been smashed.”

Donations are still being accepted until July 29 at