Devastated parents are scared their children will have nowhere to go after Bromley Council said their nurseries didn’t earn enough money.

A letter sent out to parents of children at Community Vision and Blenheim nurseries in Penge and Orpington said their income does not cover the costs of running them.

The Bromley Council letter states running them costs the council £348,000 a year.

The letter says: “At a time of continued pressure on council budgets to support statutory services for children’s social car and education, this is not sustainable for a non-statutory service, particularly where other options for childcare are available.”

The letter goes on to say that it is likely that, if the nurseries were to remain open run by either them or another provider, the costs would increase substantially.

Other changes could include changes to how flexible parents were able to be with the times they could leave their children there.

Furious parents immediately mobilised and formed a Save Community Vision Nursery group to put pressure on the council.

Sam Russell is organising the group. He lives in Penge and has a young son who attends the nursery.

He said: “That letter came completely out of the blue. We want to make it clear to the council to close off opportunities for young children is a terrible idea.

“We had over 100 parents join in less than 48 hours. We are going to be having a local meeting and organising a petition and handing out notices on how to get the council to stop.”

Multiple parents have written on the group’s Facebook page expressing their devastation. Natalie des Forges said: “I was appalled by the tone of the letter.

“Why is spending money on a service that improves the lives of residents now seen as a shortfall? Surely that's the whole point of a council?”

Jems Menzies-Allison said: “All my children have gone to Community Vision and learned so much more than I expected. They got taught to be prepared for school with professional friendly quality staff who helped my children self-esteem, confidence and so much more.

“I want my future generations to continue to go to this nursery as it truly is the best. Please count me in to stop this madness closing, it would be crazy and a horrible loss.”

Anna Brett said: “I just cannot believe it. My daughter has been there for four years and my son has just started. I'm horrified by this. Totally devastated.”

A spokesman for Bromley Council said: “No decisions have yet been taken about the future of either the Community Vision or Blenheim nurseries.

“The council regularly reviews all its spending and, in light of the excess cost to council tax payers of £348,000 per year to run these nurseries, we are examining alternatives for the future.

“Through a letter to parents and carers, the council is seeking views which will be reflected in the report to the executive so they can be taken into account when a final decision is reached in the autumn.”