A BROMLEY man got more than he bargained for when he ordered a recycling bin and was given one with dead spiders inside.

James May, 26, was kept waiting for two months after he ordered a recycling bin for his new house in Addison Road in December.

After several phone calls and re-submitting the order, Mr May was rewarded with a recycling bin  complete with cobweb and dried up spiders.

He said: "It was difficult enough getting the bins in the first place, but I didn’t expect they would come with the added bonus of dead things inside.

"I don’t like admitting it but I’m a bit afraid of spiders.

"For ages, around the Christmas period, I just had to put my recycling in black bin bags and I dread to think what my neighbours thought of me, it didn’t give a good impression.

"I understand they want to re-use recycling bins but they could have least have cleaned it out first."

Mr May tweeted a picture of the arachnid-infested bin to the Bromley Council Twitter feed with the hashtag "disgraceful".