A GROUP of Bromley residents visited Bromley twin town Neuwied as it celebrated Carnival last week.

Members of Bromley Town Twinning Association enjoyed carnival processions, street dancing, parties - and the capture and imprisonment of Neuwied's mayor.

Each year, in the lead up to Shrove Tuesday, the town, which is located on the River Rhine in Germany, celebrates Carnival along with other towns across the Rhineland.

The people wear colourful costumes and choose a Prince and Princess to rule over the festivities.

Neuwied's own tradition is the capture and imprisonment of its mayor by the troops of the Prince and Princess - his own Guard of Honour try to defend him but they always lose.

Bromley Town Twinning Association committee member Richard Redden said: "We couldn't believe the warmth of the welcome we received.

"We were feted and invited to parties and functions across the town.

The 70-year-old, who lives in Station Road, West Wickham, said: "Neuwieders are very proud of their twinning with a London borough like Bromley.

"We think a lot of Bromley people would really enjoy the visits we make to Neuwied."